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December 2021: Videoprojekt - Hans Wallisch Haus, Braunau

Corona im Internatsalltag - Ein Videoprojekt von BewohnerInnen des Internats Hans Wallisch Haus in Braunau:


October 2019: Halloween-Pumpkin-Painting at Ried

Halloween has arrived at boarding school Ried. Thanks to our creative students, simple pumpkins have been transformed into great works of art! To admire in the entrance area of ​​the boarding school.


October - December 2019: Events at Internat Ried

June 2019: Yoga at GOH Wels

On the 5th of June 2019 an aspiring yoga-trainer visited us at Georg Oberhaidinger Haus. Despite the heat many interested residents joined the session and spent a beautiful and inspiring evening in the garden. We learned a lot new, did yoga-moves together and meditated on a mantra. We look forward to Sabine´s next visit an the next yoga session!



May 2019: creating Mother´s Day gifts at Wels

This year the Mother´s Day gifts were poured out of plaster at Georg Oberhaidinger Haus in Wels. 
We made creative tealight and soap holders or jewelery stands in the shape of our own hands.
This event was very well recieved by the students, around 30 residents joined it.


April 2019: Easter search at Wels

The Easter bunny was busy this week in our dorm in Wels. Every day our residents searched with great enthusiasm for the hidden Easter eggs. Afterwards these eggs could be exchanged for a small surprise in the office. We wish you all relaxing holidays and a beautiful Easter!

April 2019: Easter search at Ried

In our dormitory in Ried the Easter bunny hid nests with sweet surprises! Some were not that easy to find but together the residents found all of them!


March 2019: Table soccer tournament at Georg-Oberhaidinger-Haus 1

Also this year a table soccer tournament took place at Georg Oberhaidinger Haus. 20 participants including youth pedagogues fought for the coveted title of the GOH foosball champion 2019. It was an evening with many highlights. Concentration and laughter kept each other in balance. We thank all participants for this unforgettable evening!


February 2019: Seminar "Cannabis - what I should know as a pedagogue"

We would like to thank Mr. Mag. (FH) Andreas Reiter, staff from the Institute addiction prevention, for the extremely instructive and entertaining seminar on the topic: "Cannabis - what I should know as a pedagogue"!

The youth pedagogues from Braunau, Ried, Wels and Linz were able to gain some new insights and information on the subject and know where they can also draw in outside help if needed.

Wels: Review of the year 2018

This is a review of the year 2018 from Georg Oberhaidinger Haus 1 in Wels to get an impression of what we do during the year.

Enjoy the review!

Punch evening with homemade gingerbread
Our kitchen team baked gingerbread, which were lovingly decorated with the residents.
The punch evening was well attended. The weather allowed to set up bar tables on the terrace to spend a cozy evening together.


Table soccer tournament with prizes
Suitable to the Football World Cup we hosted a table soccer tournament at our dorm. 1 girl´s team played against the male majority and scored a rank. The first three ranks recieved sponsored prizes from the company Coca Cola.


Mother´s Day gift: spiced oil
For the mothers, we have made a special effort and made an exotic spiced oil for the kitchen.


Summer cocktail evening
Our absolute highlight of the year is the summer cocktail evening. Provisional bars had been put together, where the residents had the chance to try out different kinds of cocktail recipes. Last summer there were sparkling mojits, creamy virgin coladas and azure swimming pools - all non-alcoholic, of course! 
The evening was accompanied by Caribbean music and lasted until night rest.


Decorate Christmas tree
This Christmas we had an extraordinarily beautiful Christmas fir, which was stylishly staged by many residents together. 
Both the younger and the grown-up residents wanted to participate in decorating and make their contribution.


Christmas party
Another highlight of the year is our Christmas party. Our kitchen team spoiled our residents with culinary delights in form of a big and beautifully arranged buffet. Most of the residents look forward to this event (and buffet) the whole year! This year a HTL student played christmassy sounds on her violin and in between a resident told us an exhilarating Christmas story. In addition, our Christmas guess game was dissolved and the first three ranks recieved a small price for their estimate.


If there are no big activities planned, we like to get together for a piece of cake in the evening, organize games evenings or meet up for volleyball outside.

Currently there is a fitness lesson with music for the movement-happy residents 1-2 times a week, in which you can get rid of energy in the evening.

July 2018: New website is online

Our new website is online. Please give us feedback!

June 2018: General renovation in Braunau is done

Living in a three bed room was yesterday! Now you can live in a huge double room. 

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