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Like a second home

The Oberösterreichische Heimbauverein is a non-profit organisation founded 1955. Since then the voluntarily executive committee and the motivated employees are engaged for the happiness our residents.

Overall the OÖ. Heimbauverein own 8 dormitories in 4 cities. The dormitories offering around 1200 young peoples in education a second home.

Erstes Lehrlings- und Schlerwohnheim



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Founding of the Oberösterreichischen Heimbauverein.

The "Landesrat" Mr. Franz Plasser and the mayor at the time Mr. Theodor Grill founded the OÖ. Heimbauverein with the target setting to build som dormitories for students, pupils and trainees. That social engagement should solve the problem that young people in education live to far away from their school, university or company.




Building the first dorm for trainees and pupils in Linz.


The second dorm ("Ziegeleistraße 78a") for trainees and pupils is opened.


Concurrently to the new building of the HTL (Höhere Technische Bundeslehranstalt) Braunau the dorm "Hans Wallisch Haus" (former "Inaternat Osternberg") was builded and opened in the following year.


The centralized dorm "Dr. Karl-Grünner-Haus" for students from the "Pädagogische Akademie" (today: Pädagogische Hochschule) is opened.



During the expansion of the HTL (Höheren Technischen Bundeslehranstalt) in Wels the dormitory (today: "Georg Oberhaidinger Haus 1") was builded.


Opening of the dormitory "Georg-Oberhaidinger-Haus 2" in Wels.


General renovation of the "Hans Wallisch Haus" in Braunau.


The Oberösterreichische Heimbauverein is with 8 dormitories in 4 cities one of the biggest operator in Upper Austria.