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Mum, I'm off!

The OÖ. Heimbauverein offers affordable accommodiations for young people in education. If you are a student, pupil, trainee or an apprentice - you will find a housing in a perfect location with an excellent furnishing and facilities.

Come and get your room today!


It's nice to stay here:

You want to stay with a good community, in a perfect location with a nice furnishing for a reasonable price? - Then get your room today!



For short stays (for a few days or up to a week), our SOVEA HOTELS in Linz and Braunau are the best option:


Why Clever?

  • reasonable price is clever
  • community is clever
  • location is clever
  • peaceful is clever

What's going on?

Downloads: homerules, forms, etc.

Dezember 2021: Videoprojekt "Corona im Internatsalltag", Hans Wallisch Haus/Braunau

Oktober 2021: Kürbis-schnitzen in Wels

What's new?

Jänner 2021: Photovoltaik-Anlage am Dach der Ziegeleistraße 78a, Linz

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